Lazy ass women

There’s probably nothing worse than a lazy ass woman.  At least insecure women do a lot of work to try to keep things as right as possible.  Lazy ass women are the worst because they try to make excuses for their laziness, most especially using the fact they are a woman for being lazy.

Most women want a guy that can protect and provide, make their pussy cum as many times as possible, be a good listener (which can mean giving advice or just listening to them vent), and be a good father, etc etc.  Whenever a woman runs down a long checklist I ask  “So what do YOU bring to the table?”  A large part of the time women look at me dumbfounded, like I’m supposed to already know that because they’re a woman and bear children, then they already bring everything to the table.  Sorry honey, you’re assuming too much.

Just recently I was at a strip club.  A lot of the girls were doing everything they could to get things out of me and the fellas without actually doing much.  Yeah they looked good and had nice bodies, but they weren’t even really trying to drop any game.  At least try to hold a conversation to seduce me and make me think I’m special!  I over heard one guy say to another “Man some of these chicks are just plain lazy in here.  They’re not even doing much and just chatting with the other girls.”   This made me think about how many other girls use tactics to get things out of guys, thinking they already have the game it takes.  Because they have been told they look good and have a fat ass, then they think that’s enough to keep men pacified.  It may work on some dummies, but not on the kind of guy that women say they want.   And we as men get told that it’s our duty to do a bunch of things for women BECAUSE they are women.  Bullshit.

Now please don’t get it twisted and think I’m saying that housewives and stay at home mothers are lazy.  Not at all.  But just like women don’t like non ambitious men, men don’t like non ambitious women.  I know a lot of girls that get by on their pretty looks but have nothing to offer to the table.  If you want the man to be the leader, and you just obey, then what are you actually contributing to the relationship?  Non ambitious women can also become very clingy, and then become insecure AND lazy.  The worst combo of all. 

Oh and don’t let a lazy women get cheated on, then fall back on her emotions to justify why she’s so hurt and feels betrayed.  No ma, you were lazy.  You didn’t do much, you just laid in bed thinking your pussy did all the work.   You want the man to go the extra mile while you use being a woman as a way to stay sheltered.  No princess.  Not gonna work.

A lot of women seem to have this automatic response to the question: Can you cook?  They get flustered as if the guy just degraded them, or that it must mean he expects her to cook ALL the time.  No!  If I’m gonna protect and provide for you, can you at least cook something to get my energy back up?  It’s not like men do all that shit because they LIKE to do it!  They do it for the woman who’s worth it.  What is your WORTH to the man?

Some of you ladies out there know you have a lazy ass girlfriend.  I suggest you motivate them to get it together, or get the hell away from them.  If their laziness starts to rub off on you, you’re gonna find yourself not getting the best you possibly can.  If I’ve learned anything, it takes hard work for EVERYBODY to get somewhere in life. 

Get to it!


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  1. amen, amen, amen… this post rocks the house..


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